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About the Hall of Fame

Steve Riley opened his private percussion teaching studio in Lawrence, Kansas in April 1989, and his happy to announce the 25th Anniversary of his studio this April 2014!  Having taught over 200 private students since that time, he is happy to establish “The Steve Riley Percussion Studio Hall of Fame”.  Steve has chosen 5 students to be among this inaugural 2014 group, and he will continue to add one new member to the “Hall” each year.  The new selections will continue to be drawn from amongst all of the students he has taught in his private teaching career.  This select group of students represent the top 3% of his private teaching studio all-time, and each of these former students will have an individual page with their photographs and accomplishments as high school students (and post-high school, if applicable) featured on this section of the website by simply clicking on their names above.  Steve’s establishment of this “Hall” serves 3 purposes: 1) to honor the very best of his past students; 2) to motivate current students to practice and have a good work ethic; 3) to promote good advertising of past success in the studio, towards the recruitment of new promising percussion students.  Look for this feature highlighting each of these 5 previous students coming soon in 2014!