Steve Riley’s first CD of his percussion ensemble and percussion solo music is slated for release later this year, 2014.  The recording, entitled “Eye [Compositions, Vol. I]” will contain many of his most popular works, including 1999 PAS Competition 3rd Prize Winner, “Eye Irascible”, “Storm Warning and Dance”, and 1988 PAS Competition 1st Prize Winner, “Declarative Stances”.  A unique facet of this full-length recording is that it will include 4 live premieres.  Performances by ensembles include those such as The Eastman School of Music Percussion Ensemble (directed by John H. Beck), The University of Kansas Percussion Ensemble (directed by George Boberg), The Kansas State University Percussion Ensemble (directed by Kurt Gartner), and additional solo performances by Steve Riley and percussionist/marimbist John W. Parks (Florida State University).

Coming in late 2014 or early 2015, Airstrive Recordings will also be releasing the first 2 volumes of Steve Riley’s instrumental music, “Private Vacations [Improvs, Semi-Improvs, and Ambients, Vol. 1]” and “Improphony No. 1 (Primal-Urban) [Improvs, Semi-Improvs, and Ambients, Vol. 2]”.  Most people have indicated to Steve that this is the side of this musical personality that sounds most like “soundtrack” or “film” music.

Check back for updates on these forthcoming CD releases that will be available for CD purchase and download though www.cdbaby.com