Scanning Quinate Pictures

(mixed quintet for brass trio, piano and percussion)
by Steve Riley

Grade Level: V
Duration: 9:30
Price: $ 20

This composition was originally written for percussionist Steve Barnhart, Professor of Percussion, University of Wyoming for his DMA recital at The University of Kansas. It is scored for piano, a brass trio, (trumpet, horn, trombone) and one percussionist utilizing a large battery of instruments including vibraphone, log drum, assorted gongs, concert toms, small bass drum, cymbals and other small percussion instruments. This piece functions as a true “quintet” with important roles to each instrumentalist including a percussion cadenza, an opening brass chorale, and soloistic piano sections, thus making for a challenging work for all 5 players. The title refers to the exploration towards the concept of “five”: 5 players, 5-bar melodic motif, 5/8 piano ostinato and 5-note phrases. The composition ranges from slow moving lines to agitated sixteenths; from dissonant to lyrical passages; and from dense to sparse texture. The percussion part requires a well-rounded performer adept in 4-mallet skill on both vibraphone and a multiple instrument setup. Scanning Quinate Pictures is a work that helps serve the niche of continuing need for repertoire in the area of percussion soloist with mixed ensemble.